365.15 Found the cows!


I went for a walk with Gibson last night. He met cows for the first time! He was a little afraid of the big one  further down.

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365.14 Christmas has finished for another year


Todays photo is before we take our christmas tree down.

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365.13 bass is bliss


Todays shoot was short and sweet.

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365.12 dear rain …..


We’ve had a very interesting day here in Bendigo today. A little rainy this morning, nothing to worry about. This afternoon we got a deluge of water, then a couple hours after that we had a gorgeous sunset. I thought I’d start with the pretty photos before getting to our backyard filling up with water.

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365.11 Nieces birthday


My gorgeous niece turned 6 yesterday! I took a few shots of the party we had for her :)

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365.10 rain rain go away


Its raining today so I’m reluctant to take the new camera outside. Todays shot is a little abstract. I like abstract. Its a pair of cufflinks and a vase.

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365.9 mono


Todays shooting theme is mono. I like the angles in the tap and how it is sitting there waiting to hydrate you and your plants.

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365.8 fabric stash


This is the photo for 8 Jan. I spent quite a lot of time with the camera yesterday, mostly shooting my family and their pets. We visited my parents so we got home too late for me to do a post.

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365.7 home grown


Todays image are some fresh tomatoes that come straight from my vegetable garden, picked while playing fetch with Gibson first thing this morning.

Today has been a day full of meh. I’ve felt quite slovenly and sloth like. Not much motivation. Had grand plans to do some cleaning, photography, baking and sewing. Haven’t done any of it. Tomorrow is our local farmers market, I’m looking forward to all the goodies, but I don’t think i’ll get much done then either.

365.6 new camera


I love the new camera!!! We received it today after much chasing up of FedEx as they initially weren’t able to find our address (new housing estate). But it finally arrived after lunch, I nearly jumped out of my skin trying to get to the door when i saw the FedEx truck, not that i’d been jumping up every time I heard a car/truck drive by.

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365.5 where’re the cows?

365.5 wheres the cows?

Todays photo of the day is taken outside my house. There used to be cows in this paddock but they’re now gone. This is another image processed in lightroom. I like this effect and only altered the blackpoint slightly after using the preset to further accentuate the contrast.

I’m still patiently waiting for the new camera to arrive. I’m very excited, unfortunately it doesn’t seem to have left Hong Kong yet. Tasks for tomorrow, clean all lenses. I think i’ve removed all the spots from the above pic, but its a pain in the behind!

identity crisis

First time wordpress user and I’m a webaholic. Well actually I’m just learning how to use wordpress and starting a blog at the same time. I fully intend to add some plugins that will showcase my photography and other aesthetic pursuits, I’m in the testing phase of a few apps at the moment so we’ll see how to they go. I intend to create my own template as part of my learning but at the moment I’m still looking for a template that appeals to me.

365.4 vase

This is todays photo. There is some heavy processing on it to get the effect i wanted. Bless adobe for releasing Lightroom, it is a wonderful product.

365.4 vase

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lamp 365.2

Ooops! forgot to blog this one yesterday!



Its the 3rd of January already, and I’ve managed to take photos each day so far. I find that getting started is hard, but once I do I find my flow I really enjoy taking photos. Seems to be the same with me for many things, including sewing, knitting and crochet.

I started playing with Lightroom last night, this is a move from Aperture. I’m liking it and its not as much of a burden on my hardware yet its not as intuitive as Aperture. I’m still working out how the presets work and whether they’re cumulative, I haven’t spent too much time on this yet however the presets are wonderful!

On to bigger and much more exciting news, my husband has just ordered a Canon 60D. I cant wait for it to arrive! I’ll get some lenses next but for now I can’t wait to start shooting with it.

365.1 the beginning of my photo project

orange flower

Here is the first of my daily photos. Will post more about it tomorrow

New years eve visitor

spider monoIts been incredibly hot today, 40 degrees celsius. We went out for a while to check out some cameras, but it felt like we were melting into the footpath so we made it a quick trip. I’ve spent the day researching cameras and lenses.

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The beginning of the end of my free time

backyard mushrooms

I’ve had a change in career recently, I’ve gone from a not for profit company as finance and IT manager to working for with my husband in his smaller Web design business. I’ve needed the break. The last few years working in a high stress job, with many women whom I don’t necessarily get along well with has caused much stress in my life.

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