#photoadayMAY something that makes you happy

Farmers market and op shopping

Saturday once a month I go to the local farmers market. I admire this bread but don’t usually buy it, DH has coeliac disease and it is far too much for just me – and I never want him to feel like he’s missing out.

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Live! your life. Then rest.

The white hills cemetery

I’ve been driving past the white hills cemetery for months now, admiring the beauty and the tranquility of the big peppercorn trees at the entrance.

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#photoadayMAY Day 11 Kitchen

#photoadayMAY day 11 kitchen

It’s been a while since I’ve posted. But at the moment I need photography. I need something to focus on, no pun intended.

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Flowers – Melbourne International Flower Show 2011

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New years eve visitor

spider monoIts been incredibly hot today, 40 degrees celsius. We went out for a while to check out some cameras, but it felt like we were melting into the footpath so we made it a quick trip. I’ve spent the day researching cameras and lenses.

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The beginning of the end of my free time

backyard mushrooms

I’ve had a change in career recently, I’ve gone from a not for profit company as finance and IT manager to working for with my husband in his smaller Web design business. I’ve needed the break. The last few years working in a high stress job, with many women whom I don’t necessarily get along well with has caused much stress in my life.

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