365.37 by the pale lamp light (feb 6)


I was already in bed the other night when I remembered that I hadn’t taken a photo yet. I took this with my iphone and used the app lo mob to filter the image.

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365.36 knock knock knock (feb 5)


After the rain we had a visitor, he thought he might poke his head in to say hello!

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365.35 Happy 3rd Birthday! (feb 4)


Ellies Birthday. Although she wasn’t the on drinking the cognac, alas she was eating tiny cakes.

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365.34 stormy day (feb 3)


This was the second round of flash flooding days.

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365.33 rest your head (feb 2)

365.35 rest your head

Ok so we know i like red. Need i say more?

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365.32 weeds, rocks and cordylines (feb 1)


I was too slow getting out to the gorgeous pink sunset tonight, so I’m featuring some of the weeds that grow near our house.

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365.31 . . . tequila!


The heat got to us yesterday, so we washed it away with a tequila sunrise or 3.

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365.30 a flower a day keeps a smile on my face


I love flowers, especially the ones that don’t make me sneeze. I usually only buy them when they’re marked down and starting some are starting to get a little wilty. These ones were quite pretty when I bought them, however they’re not enjoying the heat much.

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365.29 mmmm my other passion!


Saturday was a lazy day for me, I did some house keeping and some baking. These are some delicious apple, walnut and date muffins. Its meant to be a a wholemeal flour recipe but I was out so they’re made with regular flour. Not quite as nice, but still pretty tasty.

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365.28 smile


It was getting late on Friday when I remembered that I still had to do the days photo. I was going to do a shot of my face, I took a few, and wasn’t happy with the images (I’m happy with my face most of the time, but then I guess I don’t have to look at it all that often :) The way I’m feeling at the moment, a little out of sorts, my hands and camera seem a more accurate representation of myself at the moment.

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365.27 painterly


We had a visitor today, he had his trailer with him, so I geeked out at the new scenery to shoot.

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365.26 whats this got to do with australia day?


A little abstract again yesterday. This is some venetian blinds in the loo, but you wouldn’t know by looking at it would you?

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365.25 you are the wind beneath my wings and the light of my life


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My first eggplant! I’m so excited to see the purple poking out from below his little green hat!

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My haul from the garden on Friday. Made a zucchini slice from the zucchinis and made a beautiful salad with the cherry tomatoes, some of my capsicums a purple and a long yellow one, and some home grown sprouts. Delicious!!!

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Ok so I cant go past red. I love it, I love the circles, I love how one side is dark and the other has a smaller circle, i love the imperfection of this shot.

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Today is a bit of an after thought. I’ve been busy and pre occupied all day with work, and then walking puppy, cooking tea (made zucchini slice in the pie maker, worked a treat!) and then cleaning up the mess.

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365.20 cheers


Had a beer or two this evening.

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365.19 I’d like to thank my fans, without you I’d wouldn’t be here

365.19 I'd like to thank my fans, without you I'd wouldn't be here

I wasn’t feeling up to photos today (not feeling well at all, completely exhausted) so I thought I’d do a few quick ones of the little model dude. I’m very happy with the 3 I chose, although the violet coloured one may be a little controversial. After taking these hubby let me know the moon was looking large and pretty against the silhouette of a tree against a pink sky backdrop. Very nice.

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365.18 still on the abstract

365.18 green alien

Still feeling a bit abstract today. Not feeling like picking up the camera, I’m thinking about work a lot so its probably a good thing that I must pick up the camera and take at least one shot even when I dont feel like it. I find that I get stuck in my head sometimes and forget that I should take time to do other things.

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365.17 its Monday and I’m feeling abstract


Abstract sums up how I’m feeling today. A little here, a little there, a little what the hell should i be doing?¬†

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365.16 more vegie garden


My vegies are looking very happy even with all the rain we’ve had. My cherry tomatoes are going super!

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365.15 Found the cows!


I went for a walk with Gibson last night. He met cows for the first time! He was a little afraid of the big one  further down.

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365.14 Christmas has finished for another year


Todays photo is before we take our christmas tree down.

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365.13 bass is bliss


Todays shoot was short and sweet.

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365.12 dear rain …..


We’ve had a very interesting day here in Bendigo today. A little rainy this morning, nothing to worry about. This afternoon we got a deluge of water, then a couple hours after that we had a gorgeous sunset. I thought I’d start with the pretty photos before getting to our backyard filling up with water.

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365.11 Nieces birthday


My gorgeous niece turned 6 yesterday! I took a few shots of the party we had for her :)

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365.10 rain rain go away


Its raining today so I’m reluctant to take the new camera outside. Todays shot is a little abstract. I like abstract. Its a pair of cufflinks and a vase.

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365.9 mono


Todays shooting theme is mono. I like the angles in the tap and how it is sitting there waiting to hydrate you and your plants.

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365.8 fabric stash


This is the photo for 8 Jan. I spent quite a lot of time with the camera yesterday, mostly shooting my family and their pets. We visited my parents so we got home too late for me to do a post.

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