Mar 22 ok, so i give up on the numbers…


Some beautiful home grown jalapenos ready for pickling! Hubby loves these and my plant is giving a pretty good number of chillies. The more I ignore them the better they grow. I hit a milestone yesterday with growing zucchinis, I hadn’t checked the garden in a few days and voila! two massive zucchinis sitting in the vegie patch.

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365 (Mar 15) big bold yellow


Ok so we know i love big bold colours. Yes, the colour in this is post produced in lightroom, but the initial image was quite interesting, i do like it more with the yellow.

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365.68 & 365.69 (mar 8 & 9)


We’re infested!!! We have heaps of these birds that egg on two noisy ones just outside our bedroom window in the mornings … nice and early!!! Who needs an alarm clock?

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365.67 (mar 7) i 3> you


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365.65 (mar 6) best foot forward


This is a shoot i did for a forum competition. Guess I should get to entering it :)

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365.62 (mar 3) gibson


My darling little noise maker is featuring again today. Hes run riot with his freedom today and has been barking like mad! Back in his pen he went. Please be quiet in the morning Gibson!

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365.61 (mar 2) patio is up!


The patio is finally up! After waiting over 4 months and missing out on summer :( Its up!!!

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365.60 (mar 1) toast


Breakfast this morning consisted of yesterdays bread, toasted, with some margarine and lime and date pickles. Yum!

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365.59 (feb 28) 1 minute bread


I whipped up some bread last night before I went to bed. A couple of minutes to mix everything, let sit for 8-12 hours, bake and delicious!

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365.58 (feb 27) love beans


This is to show my appreciation for the coffee machine that we purchased to celebrate me working at home!

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365.57 (feb 26) a little boring


This one is a little boring. Some elastic bands that were sitting on the bench. It looked a little better than the big chunks of meat that was on offer.

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365.56 (feb 25) skylights


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365.55 (feb 24) project time


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365.53 (feb 22) cement


The contractor who laid this concrete 12 months ago is insisting that there is nothing wrong with it.

To answer your question, yes it has a couple of massive cracks in it, the sealer has dribbled, and there are unsealed patches. Add this to my ongoing collection of gripes about tradesmen.

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365.54 (feb 23) whats all the fuss about?


This is what all the fuss is about. The patio that has taken many phone calls and much tracking down.]

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365.52 (feb 21) you are not welcome here


We have a lot of weeds in our back yard at the moment, the rain has brought them all up and they’re very happy by the looks of it.

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365.51 (feb 20) the candles are gone


My favourite candlesticks, I love the blue and orange tones applied to this image. 1 filter applied in Lightroom and some sharpening.

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365.50 (feb 19) time for a cleanout


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365.49 (feb18) Seems i forgot to take a photo today :)

365.48 (feb 17) good night


Last minute photo before I went back to sleep, I was all cosy tucked up in bed before I remembered. So this is my bedside table.

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365.47 (feb 16) a flying visit


We had a visitor when D was assembling the puppy pen fence. It was as big as my hand and amazing to look see, it wasn’t phased by me getting up close and personal with it.

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365.46 (feb 15) this little piggy


Some of my mums pig statues.

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365.44 (feb 13) discover the world


I haven’t been travelling much lately but I can still travel the world!

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365.43 (feb 12) bff


Another last minute photo, I grabbed this cute shot of K before going to bed.

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365.45 (feb 14) valentines scones


I had a hankering for something sweet. Ok, so they flopped and weren’t very sconish, and the ‘light’ cream just wouldn’t whip, but they filled the spot!

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365.42 (feb 11)


I love hubbys gorgeous beard, I had to take a photo of it.

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365.41 (feb 10) why my dear, why don’t you take a seat?


This is a spare dining chair from our setting. Its been a slow week and I’m not feeling motivated enough to leave the house.

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365.40 (feb 9)


I call him ‘stretch’

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365.39 you need no key (feb 8)


I found these shapes and shadows playing with each other this evening. I like the lines in this shot, and the freshness of the colour treatment.

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365.38 my latest project (feb 7)


Its Feb and after a week of intense heat and humidity we are now having a cold spell. It inspired me to pull out some green yarn and keep my fingers busy with a scarf.

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