Farmers market and op shopping

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Saturday once a month I go to the local farmers market. I admire this bread but don’t usually buy it, DH has coeliac disease and it is far too much for just me – and I never want him to feel like he’s missing out.

#photoadayMay – something you love

The most devine bread – can’t recall the name of the bakery … anyone?

A buskers playing violin with his partner on guitar, sorry guys the shots I took of the two of you together weren’t so great.

This is a shot of the Bendigo courthouse that I took while on the way to the market. I love the architecture that you see around Bendigo. So intricate and detailed.

As DH said, this has a very 80’s kind of feel to it. This is the first official shot in my op shop series.

The second in my series of op shop shots. These dolls scared the bejesus outta me, all dressed up with no little girl (or boy) to play with. Will they hunt down their own? Who knows?

The third op shop shot from the day. Not quite as out there, but these shoes were ready to go dancin, they’re just looking for the perfect feet to take out.

#photoadayMAY – mum

Nothing reminds me of ‘mum’ as much as a roasting chicken. Was my favourite as a kid, and always my choice for my special birthday dinner. Thanks mum!

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