The beginning of the end of my free time

backyard mushrooms

I’ve had a change in career recently, I’ve gone from a not for profit company as finance and IT manager to working for with my husband in his smaller Web design business. I’ve needed the break. The last few years working in a high stress job, with many women whom I don’t necessarily get along well with has caused much stress in my life.

Since finishing 3 months ago now I’ve had a chance to chill out, spend some time finding myself and what makes me happy, rather than working and being angry all the time. What I’ve discovered is that I like working at home, i can show up in my jammies if the mood strikes, I can get the camera out and go shoot some stuff, i can play with my puppy (Gibson the papillon puppy- you will see and hear much of Gibson), I can have a nap if I choose and I can learn what interests me and take the business in that direction.

At the moment we’re a web design business. I’m learning the skills required to make high quality websites. Mostly for the moment I’m doing administrative tasks and cracking the whip on ‘slow’ clients. I’m learning skills to allow me to design and build sites, I do have a computing degree from many moons ago now, and while i can remember quite a bit of the content, I have no design knowledge at all. I have spent the last 7 years doing accounting and other finance related tasks, and I hate it. I’m good at it, but i derive no pleasure from it at all.

Now is the time for me to spend some time on the things that I enjoy doing. First one is photography which I’ve had an interest in since I was 10 or 11 and spent some time with a camera in grade 5. I bought a high end digital camera when they were really expensive back in about 2000, and i spent many years paying it off and not being able to buy a decent amount of storage to put in it, so i had an awesome camera that could only take low res photos … genius. Moving on from that, I currently have a Canon EOS 350D which I bought when they came out over 5 years

ago now. I’ve been wrapped up in work so much over the last 5 years that I haven’t done a lot of photography. I made a vow to myself to get the camera out today after reading a great blog called ‘made by petchy‘ (I’ll try and put a link in here somewhere, her stuff is brilliant!). I also have a canon ixus something or other that slips into my pocket, and a recently acquired iphone 4 which is almost as good as the ixus. Mr Ky is trying to talk me into a new canon dslr, i don’t think i need much convincing. Its just a matter of picking one thats in my price range. I would like a 5d mk 2 but thats not going to happen, so we’re looking at the 60D and the 550D. At this point a 7D is even out of my price range. So we’ll keep looking at reviews and see what deals we can get. Even if I keep using my current slr I’m challenging myself to post a photo a day for 365 days.

I’m going easy on myself knowing that I may not be able to physically post it each day, at the least I plan on taking a photo each day.

My other interests which haven’t been quite so elusive over the last few years are cooking and reading. I love cooking and spent many hours baking delicious gifts for christmas just past. I like fantasy books, I’m currently reading Jim Butchers Dresden Files series.

In the last year I’ve acquired a few other i

nterests in gardening (we now have our own home and I have a vegie patch!), sewing, knitting and crocheting. I like the feeling of being self sufficient, at least to some extent, and having an outlet that gets my out of the doldrums when they strike.

I plan on sharing my learning

experiences both good and bad along with the daily stuff of my life. who knows? someone might actually get something useful.


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